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What to Consider Before Signing an Office Lease

Sign office lease There is a few things you should consider before signing an office lease. All savvy business owners know they have to make the most of their cash flow in this ever-changing economy.
Renting commercial property proves expensive and is a tremendous responsibility. If you have never rented office space or buildings before,there are some important facts you need to learn. Change is exciting. Leasing space for the first time or moving an established business is a new chapter in a company's history. Doing some legwork now will help ensure you will look back at this time with good memories, not regrets.
The perfect way to judge is ask to examine the office space before you start negotiation to determine whether it befits your requirements or not. Make sure that you are satisfied with overall space and are able to meet all your needs. Insist on viewing all the empty offices just in case one comes with a store room as well as a kitchen.
Are there any special taxes, property fees, load fees, CAM or other fees? Any utilities or services (landscaping, security, etc.) are covered in your lease, or that you are required to pay on your own? If so, get them in writing. Make sure each fee is identified individually, how much each fee will cost you, and how often you will have to pay the fee(s).
This first office lease will probably be one of the bigger commitments and liabilities of your business. Make sure the lease term is flexible and is within your budget based on current cash flow not future projections. Most small businesses start with a one-to-two-year lease, although in this economy, month-to-month lease may be more readily available.
How much can your rent (and any other fees) be raised each year? What is the maximum percent or dollar amount your rent and other fees can be raised each year? If there is a 1% cap each year on load fees, that may sound reasonable, but this does not mean your base rent will be capped at 1%. To make up for low caps on other fees, your landlord may try to stick you with a 15% rent increase.

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  1. George August 21, 2012 11:24 pm

    I recommend Van Nuys Offices because they can help you get started to open a business.

    1. Richard August 12, 2012 09:33 am

      I was also undecided to start my own business but I knew this is what I wanted. Van Nuys Offices rented a small office to me and it has picked up since I moved here.

      1. John June 23, 2012 03:15 pm

        My previous experiences with similar space providers show me that Van Nuys Offices does not take a back seat to any of them. You have a need, you discuss it with their personnel, and before you know it your need has been satisfied.

  2. BeatrizApril 24, 2012 11:52 am

    I came here temporarily for six months and I'm still here eleven years later because they care.

  3. David January 6, 2012 10:28 pm

    This new year im giving Van Nuys Offices a try to see if its true that they help.

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"I was afraid to start my own business because I thought renting an office was going to be really difficult. But after calling Van Nuys Offices, I now have my own business and have my own office. .

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