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At Van Nuys Offices our small office for rent is our most popular size. Due to our excellent office rent packages including all utilities paid and free janitorial services, these small offices are often rented right away, within 2 weeks of becoming available. And great for starting a business. If you have good luck and your business picks up and you need more space. You do not have to worry because we will allow you to move to a bigger office.
With Van Nuys Offices rent packages you don't have to worry about long term commitment. Van Nuys Offices requires only a minimum of three (3) month lease. So Whether you are looking for a one-year lease or
Don't settle for the first office you look at. Schedule a day and write down a few addresses of building that have available offices and go see them. At the end of the day you will have 5 or 6 places to choose from and you will know what each of them requires. And based on your budget you will be able to make a decision on which office to lease.
Asking a question never hurts. So if you feel you like an office but the price is real high. Ask for what you want. Make an offer. You might think landlords would never lower the monthly rent or give you the first few months free, but you'll never know unless you ask. Some landlords will be so eager to fill their space that even a discounted rent is better than no rent at all.
Many landlords know how some tenants can be destructive so, to protect themselves from having the property handed back to them a few months after they have put out a lot of money in tenant improvement dollars with a lot of damage, they will usually demand a significant deposit, often as much as 10% of the total lease amount. Don't try to avoid it. This is one thing that the landlord wants so he can feel he has something in case you damage the unit.
Depending on the line of business you're in check what's around. Do you need street visibility, do you need to be on the first floor because you need accessibility. Check the neighborhood at night. Does the building provide the adequate parking spaces. Check businesses around is there a high competition that would hurt your business and make it harder for you to jump start your business.

Need a Small Office for your Business

If you have a business that requires a small office in the Van Nuys area then a small office from Van Nuys Offices may be the perfect solution for you. You can rent an office as small as 80 square feet or as large as 180 square feet. You can rent on a month to month, quarter to quarter or a year to year lease. All terms are flexible and negotiable. For a small additional monthly fee we can even provide fully furnished offices including desks, chairs, and cabinets.

Other leading small office rental companies will tell you that printers, copiers, fax machines, telephones and coffee machines (usually all in used condition) are included in their price but does that justify paying twice as much for rent, month after month? Not a chance!!

Save Money, over the long run saving on monthly rent can really add up! Starting at $195/month you can use these savings for more important items like advertising, marketing and/or room to expand into more offices.

In fact, thanks to the recession, many landlords are simply keen to hire out their dead office space, and so as a result, prices are actually more competitive than ever. Just remember the most important rule, in business everything is negotiable because you can always walk away and find someone else.


Van Nuys Offices helped me out when I started my own business. I thought with my not so perfect credit no one is going to rent to me. But they did, they gave me a chance and now I have been renting with them since 2008.
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