Virtual Offices

Virtual Offices

The invention of the internet has brought about countless benefits beyond expectations. In fact, the internet has made it possible for many small business owners to successfully and efficiently operate their businesses at home. If your company needs a low-risk, high-value way to test the US market, or requires a presence in Van Nuys, but isn't in need of a full office, your business can sign up for one of our Van Nuys Virtual Offices.
A virtual office provides new business owner's a business license to legally operate as a business, open a corporate bank account and start building your business' credit. Usually, virtual offices are set up by freelancers with limited financial resources and minimal staff requirements. To put it in short, Virtual office gives you the option of owning a prestigious business address, without investing on traditional office space. Start-ups around the world are increasingly seeing virtual offices as a low-cost alternative to licensed office space.

Considering a Virtual Office

When a business is in start-up mode, most entrepreneurs are focused on making the most cost-effective decisions so they can get launched and begin marketing. With today's unstable environment it's very important for small businesses and startups to look for ways to reduce business overhead costs while still maintaining efficiency. This is crucial when you consider that cutting overheads is one of the easiest ways to increase profits. Starting your business at home seems to be the easiest and least expensive. But for security and privacy reasons, that doesn't seem to be the smartest choice. Many times business registration applications are not private. Someone can search the name of your business online and next thing you know your address and contact information is shown to anyone who searches your company name. When you register your business name with the county or buy your business license, these documents require your address and are on public record, too. The last thing you need is for customers, competitors, and just plain crazies to know exactly where you live if they have a deep need to find you at 3am.

You may want to consider a Virtual Office! A Virtual Office is perfect for business owners who need office space and business address but don't have the money for a regular office. A Virtual office allows business owners to access all the benefits of having a private office space without the cost of opening a traditional office. A Virtual Office will get you a true street address in a known office building and also creates a sense of credibility to the world for clients, colleagues and competitors.

Do Not shortchange your business by ignoring the significance of a credible business address. When you are ready to rent that Virtual Office contact Van Nuys Offices and they will be ready to help you get your new virtual office running in not time.

In fact, thanks to the recession, many landlords are simply keen to hire out their dead office space, and so as a result, prices are actually more competitive than ever. Just remember the most important rule, in business everything is negotiable because you can always walk away and find someone else.


Van Nuys Offices helped me out when I started my own business. I thought with my not so perfect credit no one is going to rent to me. But they did, they gave me a chance and now I have been renting with them since 2008.
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